The cleaner paddle conveys the residual toner collected on the recovery blade to the toner recovery auger. Home position is detected by carriage 1 passing the home position sensor. This control board has the following functions: Drum drive gear The drum rotates as the driving force of the main motor is transmitted to it through each gear. If the gap is out of the specified value, repeat the procedure from 1. The drum becomes a conductor.

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Toshiba e-Studio 160 Parts Catalog

Copy job is canceled. Mirror 2 is described later on. Heater Control Circuit 2 is 2. Page Bushing toshiba estudio 160 Fig. Six scans can be carried out with one rotation of the polygonal mirror. Remove one screw and detach LVPS cover.

First of all, carriages 1 and 2 moves to the home position. Page The automatic toshiba estudio 160 detection unit APS sensor uses sensors located in front of the lens cover and on estudil base frame for detection of the size of the original without the process of scanning. Page 87 Misfeed in copier Release light blue fuser latches. Remove the screw and remove scanner drive Bearing gear. Exposure Lamp Control This ultraviolet ray converts the fluorescer into the visible light.


Remove 2 screws and detach the toshiba estudio 160 as- sembly. Over Over 25 sec. However, to improve transfer- ability at the leading edge of the paper, a higher output 5.

Misfeed in copier Release light blue fuser latches.

Turn the developer assembly up side down and Developer assembly detach the old developer material. Exposure Lamp Control Circuit T1. Function Of Each Part This allows the toner cartridge auger to turn and toshiba estudio 160 to be added to the developer unit from the toner cartridge.

Functions Of Each Part This thermistor controls the temperature so that the heat lamp turns OFF when either of the toshibw detected by the thermistor 1 or thermistor 2 exceeds the tem- perature setting. Toshiba estudio 160 Connector Fig. Scanner Motor Operation First of all, carriages 1 and 2 toshiba estudio 160 to the home position.

Remove 3 screws, release one hook, and detach left cover R.

Toshiba E-Studio Digital Copier – Lanka Ebuy

AC power is supplied when the main switch is ON. Semiconductor laser signals are exposed by a semiconductor laser to form a static latent image on the toshiba estudio 160 Photo- sitive drum. Disassembly And Replacement 3.


For winding the wire, refer to the Service Wire E-ring Fig. Remove spring plate securing mirror 2 and re- Spring plate move mirror 2. Page 53 Normally, the corona discharge is applied by a voltage of 5. The driving gear train from the main motor drives exit drive gear 7. The drum is ready for the next copy. Misfeed in copier Close side cover of the copier. To prevent electrostatic destruction, do not touch the connector pin when plugging or unplugging the connector.

Hook Front frame cover F Hook Fig. Join finisher to copier. The pinch roller is pressed against the exit roller by the toshiba estudio 160 so that it is turned by the power of the exit roller. Remove one screw, toshiba estudio 160 4 hooks, and detach inner cover. Executes the toshiba estudio 160 processes the image data saved in the page memory.